AEW Services - Past Projects

Here you will find examples of some of the projects in which AEW Services has been involved, with clients from small businesses to large multi-national organisations.

We were requested to design elements of the project we then delivered the project back to the client to get structural engineering clearance. We worked with Creative Example to produce AutoCad drawings from graphical models. We were required to produce drawings for a building layout from supplied mark ups.<br>  

Client review - AEW are ideal for us as we don't have CAD skills. We don't do a great deal of drawing work but when the demand is there AEW are very fast to respond with good quality work. We worked with GB Installations to produce drawings for window designs. We produced drawings a client who wanted to create train parts for 3D printing.  We sourced a 3D printer supplier.  This budget was quite small we tailored the service to suit their costs. We worked along side Airstream Europe to redesign the interior cabinetry and  to produce drawings and model/CNC data for manufacturing.