Bespoke Fabrication

AEW Services also offers bespoke fabrication. We work with Wood and Metal and have over 25 years of experience in design and manufacture.

  • Flight & Protective Cases

    The cases are designed and manufactured to the clients� specific requirements. All our cases are built from aluminium extrusions and coated plywood. The design can incorporate the most simple foam interior right up to a custom designed and CNC cut insert.

  • Window Frame

    We have built a number of window frames from hard wood for use in outbuildings, barns and in this case a Dovecote. This is a non-opening window and the glass is held in place with foam tape and beading.

  • Well Cover

    This was an interesting project to be involved with. We were asked to design, build and fit this well cover. The frame was made from aluminium and comes in two parts. The other frame sits flush with the finished floor level. The inner frame is removable to give access to the well. The inner frame has been fitted with two sheets of laminated glass supplied by Pilkington Glass.

  • Gun Cabinet

    A bespoke gun cabinet designed to hold three air rifles and a three gun steel cabinet. The cabinet is built from oak and has storage for approximately 1000 cartridges on the top self and draws. The rear of the cabinet has been notched around the skirting board to allow the steel cabinet to be bolted flush with the wall.

  • Oak Bookcase

    Oak Bookcase

    Built from recycled oak that was supplied by the client. The bookcase is Built in two sections for easy transportation. All the shelves are fully adjustable to unable multitude of different books sizes to be stored.

  • Tall Bookcase

    Tall Bookcase

    Full height bookcase build from solid ash supplied by the client. This bookcase is built using only dry joints and no screws or nails have been used.

  • Entrance Gates

    Entrance Gate

    A pair of 13� gates one fixed shut and the other fitted with a remote system for opening and closing it from the seat of your car. There is also a wicket gate for those on foot to enter. The posts are made from oak and the gates are built from treated soft wood. The gates are six bar high to stop animals getting through without having to fit unsightly wire.

  • Electric Gates

    Having supplied both the gate and auto gate openers it is also easy to retro fit openers to existing gates. Being able to open your gates from the seat of your car when it's dark or raining is really satisfying. It also increases your security by only giving access to authorised vehicles.

  • Field Gate

    This 13� 6" bar gate is built from pressure treated timber supplied by Hayley Wood Sawmill. The gate is six bars high to reduce the gap between each rail for better stock control without having to attach wire to the gate.

  • Wood Store

    Need a place to store your firewood outside and keep it dry? This wood store has been designed to hold about three tons of wood and sit hard up against a wall so as to fit into a passage way outside the back door. Made from treated soft word with a profiled tin roof.

  • Decking ramp

    Decking, Mobility Ramp

    A very quick job that made this play house accessible to those that couldn�t step up to its raised floor level. Built from pressure treated soft wood.

  • Drain cover

    Drain Cover

    Bespoke fabricated drain cover. The custom pattern was cut using a water jet cutter and this plate was welded into a supporting frame.

  • Dog bed

    Dog Bed

    Wet dogs = wet dog beds, by having an air gap between the floor and bed helps stop this becoming a problem with a build up of mould and nasty smells. Built from redwood and supplied with foam, calico undercover and 3 hard wearing outer covers. The dogs moved in before the bed was located.

  • Kitchen storage

    Storage Cupboard

    A multi shelf storage cupboard, in this case for storing kitchen paraphernalia. This unit was made from MDF and redwood with double doors each side for easy access.

  • Alcove units and shelving

    Alcove Units

    Built from MDF and painted. This project required full depth cupboards at the bottom and half width glass shelves above.

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  • Boot jack

    Boot Remover, Boot Jacks, Boot Pulls

    Our best selling item. Made from oak and treated with oil, it will fit in any cupboard or car boot. A lovely item to help remove stubborn footwear.

  • Boot Brush

    Boot Brush

    Built from water jet cut profiles and joined together with gas pipe. Fitted with two sturdy brushes the help clean the most dirty wellingtons and walking boots.

  • Fencing and paddocks


    Supplied and installed half round post and rail fencing with round gateposts and rehung the gate.

  • Water Bowser

    Water Bowser

    We took a 1000 litre IBC and fitted it to a steel frame and mounted this on some wheels. Used in this case to transport drinking water to temporary stock enclosures. Could also be used for watering if fitted with an irrigation pump.

  • Transport Box

    Transport Box

    Built from sheet and box steel. The rear door opens down to allow easy loading of wheelbarrows and can be held at 90 degrees by heavy-duty chains. This nearly doubles the available floor space.

  • Dovecote Lantern - Glover

    Dovecote Lantern - Glover

    Built from locally sourced oak this project was to build and fit a new Lantern to the top of a Cotswold Dovecote.

  • Spece racks. Spice shelves

    Spice Racks

    We have built quite a few of these to suit various requirements. They can differ in the number of jars per shelf to the number of shelves per unit. All units are supplied with the jars that you see in the picture.

  • Stabling


    Horses are strong and demanding animals and require a robust stable to live in free from dangers. Building a number of stables in an old barn was challenging, given that we also needed to provide storage above for their hay and straw. Built from treated soft wood and lined on the inside with plywood.

  • Wooden Towel Rail

    Wooden Towel Rail

    Built from oak and designed for a towel up to 540mm wide this would suit a cloak room or utility room. These towels shown in the picture have just been joined together to form two 480 x 960 towels by our in-house team.